Sports & Activites

Co-Curricular Activities

DPS 98-school-nurseryWe develop individual talent through encouraging our students to participate in our numerous co-curricular activities. The intellect, sense of community, responsibility and creative spirit is nourished by clubs, hobbies, societies, workshops and other activities. Regular career counselling and workshops assist students to chalk out their future and develop a clear understanding of their future career. Our students are taught strong leadership skills through rigorous prefectural committee and the menu committee, important organisational bodies where students are made to take responsibility for their peers.

Art and Craft Club

‘“ DPS@98 shapes bright, able minded, all rounded personalities through its expansive curriculum and mentorship programs. We take great pride in nurturing artistic spirit of each student and do so most intensely through our Art and Craft department which is managed by talented members of faculty.

Music Club

DPS 98-school-music-clubWe understand every student comes with unique skill sets and interests. The DPS@98 wishes to give every child the opportunity to discover their innate artistic gifts, find their voice and strength. The music Club is a group of passionate musicians within our community who have united in their shared love for the universal language of mankind, music.

Pastoral Care

DPS 98-school-pastoralParents can rest assure that their children are being taken well care. We make sure to look after each student’s well being on an individual basis so that they get the attention that they need, to feel supported. Our dedicated staff of teachers take great pains to ensure that each student performs well in class and keeps up to the standard that is expected of them. Our beautiful, green campus with its numerous sporting facilities and playgrounds guarantees that the children get a healthy taste of the outdoors.


about-DPS 98-school-missionA continuous evaluation system takes into account every single Unit Tests and Terminal examination that is conducted in order to assess a child’s performance during the school year. Promotion to a higher class is granted on the basis of the student’s performance throughout the course of the year and not on the basis of the final examination alone. This is not applicable to the Board Classes and Examinations.


DPS 98-festivalThe school celebrates various religious festivals such as Holi, Dussehra, Deepawali, GurunanakJaynati, Janmashtmi, Christmas,BasantPanchmi etc and National Festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day ,Gandhi Jayanti etc. Talks and discussions by prominent local citizens and by members of the staff are organized on such occasions.

Games & Sports

DPS 98-school-play-groundPhysical education is an important feature of the curriculum. We understand the paramount importance that fitness and health plays in a child’s life, as it serves as a foundation for their growth. Healthy amounts of physical activity contribute positively towards mental wellness, emotional stability & maturity. It is for its reason we require all our students to participate in the games and sports that we organize for them, such as Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom etc. The Physical training drill which includes Yoga and Self Defence is mandatory for all the students.
In addition to our Inter-House competition, the school teams participate in Inter-School matches against other student bodies. We have exciting field and track events every year and hold final competitions on our Annual Sports Day. In addition to games the school encourages athletics, gymnastics and yoga. Hikes, picnics, sightseeing, Tours and Trekking are fun outdoor activities we organize for our students every now and then.